A bed for life

through modular design

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Custom Comfort

Modular Design

Circular Life

A bed that adapts to your body and the planet for maximum comfort.

Modular design

Our bed is made from interchangeable parts, able to be replaced at any time (although they’re built to last from between 10–20 years).

Custom comfort

Natural rubber, the core mattress material, adapts to your body for an exceptionally comfortable feel.

Circular life

Natural, ethical, recyclable. Using 94% recyclable materials, the bed is constructed with your comfort and the planet’s longevity in mind.

We create the ultimate sleep experience. But, our vision extends beyond just a great night's sleep.

We're here to take a stand, championing "Circular Sleep" as our guiding principle.

The bed adapts to you.

Not too hard, not too soft.


For legs, we use a fully recyclable 3D-printed leg design made out of material that otherwise becomes waste.

Bottom module

Our solid wood frame has modularity and circularity integrated in its design. It is made of <99.9% robust Swedish pine and may be passed on for generations.

Comfort layer

For the bottom comfort layer, we use a composition of natural rubber and Hairlok for outstanding pressure relief and a bottomless feel.


For the core of the bed, we use 100% natural rubber which is harvested and refined from the milk-like sap of a rubber tree called Hevea Brasiliensis.


For our detachable cover, we use a design weave made entirely out of recycled materials. The cover can easily be changed when needed.


Our topper adds an exceptional final touch to the bed and is unique for the mattress industry. It offers a very specific level of comfort and feels as if you are floating.

Sixty-good-nights guarantee and

a fifty-year limited warranty.

Videung, our name, is derived from the timeless lullaby of "Videung." It embodies the essence of the willow tree—the Videung—awakening from its winter rest, just as the warm rays of the sun nurture the willow. At Videung, we nurture the concept of "Circular Sleep," inspiring a brighter future where the cycles of nature intertwine with the art of slumber.

We believe that in slumber, like the Videung, we find the power to renew not only ourselves but the world around us. Our name encapsulates our commitment to Circular Sleep and the promise of a sustainable, harmonious future where nature awakens, and dreams come to life.

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