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Revolutionizing the way you sleep, one night at a time.

We deliver & assemble in 3-4 weeks

Videung, our name, is derived from the timeless lullaby of "Videung." It embodies the essence of the willow tree—the Videung—awakening from its winter rest, just as the warm rays of the sun nurture the willow. At Videung, we nurture the concept of "Circular Sleep," inspiring a brighter future where the cycles of nature intertwine with the art of slumber.

We believe that in slumber, like the Videung, we find the power to renew not only ourselves but the world around us. Our name encapsulates our commitment to Circular Sleep and the promise of a sustainable, harmonious future where nature awakens, and dreams come to life.

Videung AB, 559446-4926
Stafettgatan 7, 93149 Skellefteå, Sweden
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +46(0)910786010